Frontenac Gris White Wine

Aromas of apricot and citrus; medium dry

Vintage 2015


100% Frontenac Gris; Deardorff Vineyards/Parley Lake Winery, Waconia, Minnesota Hinterland, Clara City, Minnesota

Wine Awards

15 Competition Medals: 6 Gold, 3 Silver, 6 Bronze

Wine Tasting Notes

Our Frontenac Gris has notes of apricot, peach, with hints of citrus and tropical fruits.  We make in medium dry yet add enough residual sugar to provide balance.

Recommended Food Pairings

Great with medium bodied seafood dishes, a pear & apricot salad or a pancetta dessert.

Grape Background

Frontenac Gris is the second in a series of next generation hybrid grapes from the University of Minnesota.  It was discovered as a single bud mutation on a Frontenac vine by    Peter Hemsted, the previous U of M grape breeder. He isolated, tested, selected and the U of M named it.  The grapes are bronze-gray as the retain some of the color from it's parent Frontenac

Wine Maker's Notes

Frontenac Gris is a very versatile grape.  We make 3 different styles of wine from it.  An off dry, medium bodied white wine, an Oak aged dry white wine and our special Rose looking wine called Parley Vu Rose.

Wine Technical Data

Alcohol: 13.8%     pH: 3.55     TA: 8.4     %RS: 1.75%