Frontenac Blanc White Wine

Our Newest Wine! Clean, Crisp White with Hints of Pear & Starfruit

Vintage 2015


100% Frontenac Blanc; Prior Lake, Minnesota

Wine Awards

2 Competition Medals: 2 Bronze

Wine Tasting Notes

The resuting wine is clean, crisp, fresh wine with hints    of pear, lemon peel and star fruit.

Recommended Food Pairings

Great on it's own or paired with lightly seasoned seafood light cheeses & angle hair pasta with scallops.

Grape Background

Frontenac Blanc is a new grape which was discovered as a Mutation of Frontenac and Frontenac Gris.  It was first discovered in Ontario, Canada and then 3-4 other places. The University of Minnesota is evaluating and characterizing Frontenac Blanc lines as they have become available. Nurseries just started selling Frontenac Blanc in 2012.

Wine Maker's Notes

We are very excited to present our first wine made from this new grape call Frontenac Blanc.  The grapes came in September 13, 2015 from a grower in Prior Lake. We destemed, crushed and pressed the grapes immediately & Cold fermented at 58 degrees for 10 days using DV10 yeast. It was aged in Stainless steel, filtered and balanced with a very small amount of residual sugar (0,4%), the least amount we have used in a Cold Climate white.

Wine Technical Data

Alcohol: 12.3%     pH: 3.45     TA: 8.6     %RS: 0.4%