Parley vu Rose Wine

Crisp, Clean, Fruit Forward Dry Rose

Vintage 2015


100% Frontenac Gris; Deardorff Vineyards

Wine Awards

1 Competition Medals: 1 Gold

Wine Tasting Notes

This is a medium dry, clean crisp Rose that has notes of strawberry, choke cherry, cranberry and watermelon rind.

Grape Background

This Rose looking wine is made entirely from the white grape Frontenac Gris.  The Frontenac Gris is a mutation of the red grape Frontenac and the grape skin has maintained some of the pigment of the red grape making it look gray/amber in color.

Wine Maker's Notes

We destem and crush Frontenac Gris grapes,     transfer them to Macro bins where they ferment on the skins for just short of 4 days. We press them off the skins and finish the fermentation in Stainless Steel tanks. We gently rack the wine and twice filter before final blending adjustments. The wine is finished with 1.75% residual sugar. While the resulting wine looks like a Rose, it is actually an Orange wine, a category of blush wines created from white grapes.

Wine Technical Data

Alcohol: 14.3%     pH: 3.45     TA: 9.2     %RS: 1.75% 

2012 Frontenac Dessert Front.jpg