Frontenac Dessert Red Wine

Ruby Port Style Dessert Wine; Fresh, Fruit Forward and Balanced

Vintage 2012


90% Frontenac, 10% Grape Brandy, 2 year Barrel Aged; Various Minnesota Vineyards    (Deardorff, Hinterland, Oakshire etc.)

Wine Awards

8 Competition Medals: 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 4 Bronze

Wine Tasting Notes

This is a Ruby style Port that displays great black cherry and cherry aromas while displaying subtle smoky and chocolate notes in the finish.

Grape Background

The Frontenac grape was the first modern hybrid grape to be release by the University of Minnesota in 1996. It has dark skin and dark pulp which produces deep dark colored wines.

Wine Maker's Notes

We harvest, destemed and crush the grapes on or around late September to early October every year. During the 2012 vintage we harvested 4 vineyards of Frontenac from October 3-20 We fermented them on the skins for 10 days.  Pressed and racked twice before racking to barrels from November to December of 2012.

Wine Technical Data

Alcohol: 19.0%     pH: 3.45     TA: 8.4     %RS: 6.75% 

2012 Frontenac Dessert Front.jpg