Frontenac Gris Oaked White Wine

Fully Bodied, Complex and Dry; Oak Aged 11 Months in Romanian Oak

Vintage 2014


100% Frontenac Gris; Deardorff Vineyards

Wine Awards

2 Competition Medals: 2 Bronze

Wine Tasting Notes

Barrel aged Frontenac Gris has complex, Carmel and light vanilla elements.  Crisp, clean and dry with no residual sugar allows the Oak to be front and center.

Grape Background

The Frontenac Gris Grape was released in 2002 as a new hybrid grape from the University of Minnesota.  It was discovered as a Mutation of Frontenac.  The grape retained some of the pigment in the skins so it has a gray/amber color hue. Typically the predominant style of wine is an medium dry to slightly sweet. One can also make a Blush type wine as well as a barrel aged version as this wine.

Wine Maker's Notes

We Harvest, destem, crush and press these grapes    add a neutral yeast (DV10) and cold ferment below 60 degrees for 2-3 weeks.  We then rack twice and then add to a Romanian Oak barrel finished with a toasting process called Evolution.  It produces soft smooth, integrated tannins and most importantly wines respectful of the fruit.

Wine Technical Data

Alcohol: 12.3%     pH: 3.45     TA: 8.6     %RS: 0%