Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving Dinner

From Steve Zeller, Parley Lake Winery's Winemaker:

The ultimate dinner we wait for an entire year for: Thanksgiving Dinner! 

Turkey is a very versatile white meat that can pair with a few different wine options:

  • White meat/lighter meat of the Turkey - pairs well with an unoaked white wine, even sparkling wine but also works well with lighter, delicate reds
  • Dark meat of the Turkey - can be paired with bolder reds

Pairing one particular wine with the many different side dishes can be complicated by the delicious range of flavors you find in the sides. 

If there is one wine I would pair with the entire meal, it would be our Parley Vu RoseThe complex flavors of our rose, along with its bright acidity tingle through all the flavors and fat in  the many different foods of a Thanksgiving meal.

Other Parley Lake Wine options for the meal would include:

  • Red Wine: Barn Quilt Red
  • White Wine: La Crescent or Lakeview White
  • Wines w/Dessert: Brianna Breeze, Frontenac Gris or Apples & Vines will pair well with the apple/pumpkin/pecan - type desserts. If a chocolate dessert is on the menu, our Frontenac Dessert-Style wine would pair well with that.

In summary, stay away from Oak influenced wines, focus on wines that are lighter and have a bit of an acid backbone to hold up to the many great flavors of my favorite meal.