2010 Marquette

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2010 Marquette

This wine blends the best that Minnesota has to offer.  The original grape was cultivated right in our backyard by the University of Minnesota Horticulture Research Center.  It was grown by Deardorff Vineyards, produced and aged on this property with a combination of barrels including Minnesota Oak.  It doesn’t get much more local than that!

The wine is a spicy, medium bodied wine with hints of cherry and black pepper adding to the layers of flavors.  This wine pairs well with red meats, spicy pasta and aged cheeses. It is best served about 55-60 degrees.

Enjoy this local product that celebrates the inventiveness of the U of M, the growing skills of our local vineyards and the winemaking of Parley Lake.

$25.00 per bottle

14.1% Alcohol by Vol.

pH = 3.71

TA = 7.6 g/L

RS = 0% (Dry)